About the Community Network (CN)

Started in 2013, the Community Network is a volunteer-run organization which exists to sense, support, and advocate new directions for expanding and strengthening Waking Down in Mutuality® and Trillium Awakening™ communities worldwide. Current members include Eric Grace, Margit Bantowsky, Richard Shapiro, and Greg Aurand.

Our vision is to create a space where we can express and celebrate our emerging culture of conscious embodiment, and share our collective heart and wisdom. While the original founder of this work, Saniel Bonder, and his wife Linda Groves Bonder continue to develop their teachings, and the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle is evolving its own distinct direction, we believe that the growing community of awake and awakening practitioners has a culture and intelligence worthy of expression.

To get a feel for the possibilities of a robust, creative awakened community culture, check out our volunteer and service page. We envision a community newsletter sharing insights on a spectrum of relevant topics, from awakened parenting to health, education, leadership, etc. Another way to share with one another could be a creative expression website featuring art, music, video, prose and poetry from community members. For those looking for ways to serve and expand this work, projects such as creating a video archive or YouTube channel,  transcribing audio or video materials into text, or translating books into other languages are great possibilities.

Community Startup

If you’re looking for help starting a new Trillium community, or a community based on the Waking Down teachings, in your area, you may want to check out CLAIM (Communities Living and Inspiring Mutuality), a non-profit geared towards community development and support! CLAIM can help you with various logistics such as setting up simple marketing strategies, getting ready to host and facilitate your first Mutuality Circles, and how to Skype in Trillium Awakening teachers into a group setting.

Note: If you’re starting up a new community, you should also contact Don Freas, who is acting as the Mutuality Circle Link with the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle. Don will help you understand the Mutuality Circle expectations, definitions, and guidelines so that your group can be listed on the TrilliumAwakening.org website. Check out our page on Mutuality Circles for more info!


Contact Us

The Community Network is very interested in engaging with everyone about how best to expand and strengthen the Waking Down and Trillium Path communities. Please email us at admin@mutuality.net
…if you have comments about the needs of our community,
…if you have suggestions or questions,
…if you feel you might like to participate with us in the CN mission and have time and skills to contribute.