About the Community Network (CN)

Started in 2013, the Community Network is a volunteer-run organization which exists to sense, support, and advocate new directions for expanding and strengthening the Waking Down in Mutuality® and Trillium Awakening™ communities worldwide. Current members include Eric Grace, Margit Bantowsky, Richard Shapiro, and Greg Aurand.

For more info about Waking Down in Mutuality ®, go to: http://www.sanielandlinda.com/waking_down.html

For more info about Trillium Awakening™ educational services, go to:    http://www.trilliumawakening.org



There are a number of new developments that we’re excited to share with you. Go to our NEWS page to:

  • On Dec 15, the Waking Down Teachers’ Association renamed itself the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle. For detailed history of this change Click here .
  • participate in our Quick Community Poll that we’re running right now about newsletter and podcast topics and other offerings, and
  • learn more about the community advocacy projects that we are working on.

Contact Us

We are very interested in engaging with everyone about how best to expand and strengthen the Waking Down and Trillium path communities. Please get in touch with us
…if you have comments about the needs of the Waking Down & Trillium Community,
…if you have suggestions or questions,
…if you feel you might like to participate with us in the CN mission and have time and skills to contribute.

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