Sharing the season—a poem by Eric Grace

By | June 25, 2015

Sharing the season
Fragrant muzzled earth
breaks ground
reaching up slowly
She comes…
And the sun speaks its welcome.

Roots go deeper,
Leaves unfurl
Stretching into open air
Exploring depth and span,
She feels the urge to give something back
for what’s been given to her.
This life.

The bud begins to take shape.
Tight and round,
Full of her expectant power
Waiting for just, the right, moment
She opens in all her glory
Colors of a million fireworks
Displayed for every passerby to gleam,
To gleam the preciousness that’s available for them

The giving continues…

An impulse to bear something greater forms,
Moist tendrils develop
and a juicy filament is donated
becoming fruit to savor, delicious
delicious in its sweet taste and texture.

The full yes has been given, now
Over and over
The life of bounty and service
Uttered in simple terms of
Her growing grace.

You can know that too,
Not unlike her
You can find your roots
Feel the same ground and the suns lips
Unfolding into your very own majesty
Listening closely for what’s next,
Finding the colors to weave with others
In a menagerie of deliverance
From the ‘not here’
To a world of mystery, the ordinary, and radiance.

Come, share the season.


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