Community Conference Call Series

The Community Network (CN), in partnership with Communities Living and Inspiring Mutuality (CLAIM) has been holding a series of Community Conference Calls to share and respond to the results of the 2013-2014 community-wide survey.

The Overall Goals of this series of community calls are to:

  • Respond to specific needs identified in last year’s WD community survey
  • Serve the world-wide WD-TA community in general, by having live conversations about issues of interest, and by creating community connections, synergy, and innovation.

For a comprehensive look at the results of the 2013 WDCN community survey which was discussed on these calls visit:


Previous Call Recordings and Outlines:

Call #4, June 17, 2015: “Waking Out: 2nd Life and Beyond.  Exploring our Emerging Culture of Embodied Awakening”

Call #3, March 18, 2015: “The Myths and Magic of Mutuality”

Call #2, Dec. 11, 2014: “Entering and Empowering the Community: Welcoming Newcomers and Creating Governance”

Call #1, Oct. 15, 2014: “Engaging & Expressing Our Collective Voice: A Renaissance of WD Community”


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