Community Conference Call #2

Dec 11, 2014: “Entering and Empowering the Community: Welcoming Newcomers and Creating Governance”

A recording of this call is available HERE

This FREE conference was hosted by Communities Living and Inspiring Mutuality (CLAIM) and led by the Community Network (CN). Everyone from the worldwide  Community was welcome to listen in and participate.

Host: Greg Aurand, with CLAIM
Call Leaders: Eric Grace and Margit Bantowsky with the CN

Conference Call Highlights:
– More exciting results from our Worldwide Waking Down Community Survey
– Explore and discuss low-cost options for engaging this work.
– New resources being developed for welcoming newcomers, and starting and supporting new communities
– Fun opportunities for synergistic cross-pollination of community brilliance and problem solving = Volunteers wanted!
– Be part of the evolutionary edge of Waking Down/Trillium and learn how to help co-create global community governance
– Update from Saniel Bonder and Max Goler on the progress being made on the Next Steps process.
– Upcoming community calls.

Saniel Bonder and Max Goler’s statements:
Saniel Bonder and Max Goler each spoke on the call and gave updates on the Next Steps transition process (in which Saniel and the Waking Down Teachers Association, now Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle, are separating with mutual blessings). You can read their written statements to the community here:

Saniel’s statement to the community
Max’s statement to the community



Oct 15 Community Call Recording
In case you missed the October 15th, 2014 Community Conference Call “Engaging & Expressing Our Collective Voice: A Renaissance of WD Community,” you can listen to the recording at:

Quick Reference Materials (e.g. Guidelines for WD Mutuality Groups, Intro to WD Sittings, Guidelines for Conflict Resolution, etc.)

Free Resources from IAM (Institute of Awakened Mutuality), e.g. ongoing teleconference series, audio recordings, free videos, essays, etc.

Free or Low-Cost Virtual Mutuality Groups

Trillium Awakening Virtual Sittings & Mutuality Groups

Any Conger’s annual Sacred Summer Celebration on her farm in Maryland

Free Waking Down Community Podcasts – check out the 5 excellent podcasts that are now available to you, including the most recent one mentioned on the call: Holacracy and WDTA Governance, and interview with Cielle Backstrom and Deborah Boyar.

Info on the Trillium Awakening Teachers Association governance process and structure

The Community Network’s Community Survey
For a comprehensive look at the community survey results which were discussed on the October Community Call you can visit:



WD Community Podcasts
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WD Community Resources
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CN & Community Governance – this project is on hold