Community Conference Call #4

 Wednesday, June 17, from 5:00 – 6:30 pm PST. 

Waking Out: 2nd Life and Beyond! 

Exploring our Emerging Culture of Embodied Awakening

CLICK HERE for the conference call recording!!!

Scroll down for the poem read during the community call, and the resources and websites referenced.

  • Are you wondering what to look forward to beyond 2nd Birth and Wakedown Shakedown?
  • Do you want to hear more about people’s experience of awakening, both before and after 2nd birth?
  • Would you like to know about ideas and opportunities for awakened service?
  • Curious about ways to spread the word?
  • Are you interested in having more access our community’s creative expression and culture of embodied awakening, such as poetry, art, music, prose, essays, performance, and video?
  • Do you want to hear the latest developments in Community Vision and Advocacy?
  • Would you like to share your opinion about topic ideas and services?

Come join us for a lively conversation about our emerging Culture of Embodied Awakening, opportunities for sharing our collective brilliance and evolution, and the exciting horizons unfolding for all of us!

This FREE conference call was hosted by Communities Living and Inspiring Mutuality (CLAIM) and lead by the Community Network (CN). All were welcome to listen in and participate!

Conference call highlights include:

  • Hear and share ideas about our growing edge of embodied awakening and its expression – from art, music and poetry, to academic essays and leadership.
  • Learn about engaging opportunities and projects for awakened service
  • Find out how these projects can help spread the word about this work
  • Discover how community advocacy and organization is being represented by CN
  • Give us your opinion: weigh in live on new topics or services you’d like to see, and participate in our new online poll.

Conference Call Details:

Date: Weds, June 17, 2015

Time: 5:00 pm – 6:45 pm Pacific

Host: Greg Aurand, of CLAIM

Call Leaders: Eric Grace, & Margit Bantowsky of the WDCN


RESOURCES mentioned during the conference call:

  • List of community Volunteer & Service opportunities
  • Waking Down Community Forum – this is temporarily off-line
  • NEW!!  WDCN FaceBook Page
  • Take the POLL – tell us what Newsletter topics you’re interested in and how you like to receive your WD-related news! For the poll, click on the link and scroll down.
  • Podcast: Holacracy and Waking Down with Deborah Boyar & Cielle Backstrom Podcast


POEM read during the conference call:

Sharing the season

Fragrant muzzled earth

breaks ground

reaching up slowly

She comes…

And the sun speaks its welcome.


Roots go deeper,

Leaves unfurl

Stretching into open air

Exploring depth and span,

She feels the urge to give something back

for what’s been given to her.

This life.


The bud begins to take shape.

Tight and round,

Full of her expectant power

Waiting for just, the right, moment



She opens in all her glory

Colors of a million fireworks

Displayed for every passerby to gleam,

To gleam the preciousness that’s available for them


The giving continues…


An impulse to bear something greater forms,

Moist tendrils develop

and a juicy filament is donated

becoming fruit to savor, delicious

delicious in its sweet taste and texture.


The full yes has been given, now

Over and over

The life of bounty and service

Uttered in simple terms of

Her growing grace.


You can know that too,

Not unlike her

You can find your roots

Feel the same ground and the suns lips

Unfolding into your very own majesty

Listening closely for what’s next,

Finding the colors to weave with others

In a menagerie of deliverance

From the ‘not here’

To a world of mystery, the ordinary, and radiance.


Come, share the season.





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