Inseeing Mutuality Groups

Radically greenlighting, gentle, yet powerful, Inseeing Mutuality Groups are a means of bringing the principles of embodied awakening to life for community-based groups that are meeting without the benefit of having a local Trillium Awakening (TA) teacher.

Group members will learn the highly effective process of Inseeing™ as presented in CC Leigh’s book, Becoming Divinely Human: A Path to Embodied Awakening. Then in group they will spend part of the time practicing in pairs where they alternate speaking with deeply listening to one another. Then in the second half of the meeting members will meet as a whole group to share discoveries they have made about their process, listen to core teachings, or do a guided exercise to bring some aspect of awakening to life. Groups will also include peer gazing and some conscious movement to support the body’s integration and enlivenment.

Our intention is for Inseeing Mutuality Groups to be self-sustaining. Interested participants will be invited to take a facilitator training course to develop skills for group support and leadership. Facilitators, however, are not meant to be Trillium teachers nor be a substitute for a teacher. Ideally, group members will each have a TA teacher and mentor they can turn to for personalized guidance on their unique awakening process, and the group will invite TA teachers to bring their transmission and wisdom to the community periodically through visits, Skype communications, or the like. Inseeing Mutuality Groups are meant to be an adjunct to direct teacher contact—a place where members can participate in mutuality with other like-minded practitioners.

Inseeing Mutuality Groups:

  • bring greenlighting to life in a very tangible way
  • foster a climate conducive to stable embodied awakening and integration
  • give people effective tools for investigating and freeing energy from frozen or broken zones—without needing to make anything change or go away
  • teach folks how to use “inner mutuality” with their various inner perspectives to expand their capacity for “outer mutuality” with one another
  • help awaken and strengthen Presence, an aspect of our divine Conscious nature
  • help people deepen into the mystery of being divinely human—together
  • balance masculine structure with deep feminine allowing
  • satisfy the natural longing for deep-hearted community
  • provide a resource of experienced Inseeing practitioners who are available for trading longer practice sessions with one another outside of the group format

How it will work:

Trillium groups interested in becoming Inseeing Mutuality Groups will plan an initial Inseeing workshop weekend with CC Leigh in their area at a mutually-convenient time. They can schedule this event through CLAIM—Communities Living and Inspiring Mutuality—a nonprofit organization designed to help TA mutuality groups flourish.  Only practitioners who have taken the initial workshop, and have practiced Inseeing enough to be confident in their ability to do the process with minimal guidance, will be allowed to participate in subsequent Inseeing Mutuality Groups.

Following the weekend workshop, CC will participate in the group’s initial meetings, either in person or via Skype, and then remain available to the group by Skype, phone or email. Additionally, a there will be a private Facebook or Google group for posting insights, questions, or challenges that crop up as the group is learning to use the Inseeing Mutuality format.

Facilitator trainings will be conducted periodically through the auspices of CLAIM—details forthcoming. Groups do not have to have a facilitator to get started, but will ideally have one or more people trained to offer this level of support for their group as soon as possible.

Be one of the first groups to adopt the Inseeing Mutuality format! We are currently looking for a few of pilot areas to learn and begin practicing this format.To sign up, please contact Greg Aurand, CLAIM representative, at, or CC Leigh at

NOTE: The Inseeing Mutuality Group format is a private offering by senior TA teacher CC Leigh and CLAIM. It is only one option among others for structuring a peer-based Trillium group, and adopting this format is entirely optional for those communities that would like to give it a try.