Community-Related News

New Name: the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle 

Since early 2014, Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder have been in legal negotiations with representatives of the Waking Down Teachers’ Association (WDTA) in an attempt to formulate a licensing agreement around use of the terms Waking Down® and Waking Down in Mutuality®. In June 2015, Saniel and Linda ended these negotiations and rescinded the WDTA’s use of these trademarks after a “reasonable period of time.”

On Dec 15, 2015, the WDTA changed its name to the Trillium Awakening Teachers’ Circle (TATC), and is differentiating itself from the Waking Down and Waking Down in Mutuality registered trademarks, which are now owned by its founder, Saniel Bonder.

Click here for more in-depth history and info.

Community Conference Calls

The Waking Down Community Network (WDCN) has hosted a series of free Community Conference Calls as a means to share the results of last year’s community survey, and help support community development across the globe. Our most recent call was on Wednesday, June 17, 5:00 – 6:30 PST and it was titled Waking Out: 2nd Life and Beyond. In this call we will be exploring our Emerging Culture of Embodied Awakening. 

For more details, please click here.

If you have questions or comments about the Community Conference Call series, please join the discussions hosted in the new online Waking Down Community Forums.


Participate in a Quick Community Poll!

We’re aiming to launch a new WD Newsletter / online magazine and would LOVE TO HEAR YOUR OPINION about topic ideas! We’re also exploring options for advanced courses and sharing WD with others.

  • Do you want to vote on your favorite cool topics such as “Awakening and Money,” “Waking Down and Buddhism,” or “Awakening and Intimate Relationships?”
  • Are you interested in advanced courses besides those that are part of the WD teacher-track?
  • Do you have some ideas or opinions on how to take WD out into the world?

We’d love to hear from you – it’ll just take two minutes and your input will be so appreciated.  CLICK HERE to participate!


Nudged out of the Nest!

Would you like to keep hearing about upcoming community-related events? Starting ~July 2015, the WDTA will no longer send emails on behalf of the Waking Down Community Network (they are encouraging us to stand on our own feet, woo hoo!). This means that if you want to hear about future community conference calls, polls, or surveys, or about new developments in community expression, volunteer opportunities, cool projects, and community leadership, you need to join our mailing list. We encourage you to take a moment right now and enter your email address in the sign-up box at the very top of this page.

Benefits of being on list:

  • hear about community-based events, initiatives and resources
  • stay informed about WD community service & volunteer opportunities
  • hear about and participate in community polls and forum discussions
  • share in our collective 2nd-life expression!

Thank you, WDTA, for supporting our efforts and spreading the word for our Community Calls this past year!

Want to share your talents and energy? Check out these opportunities to serve and grow WD! 

The Waking Down Community Network now has its ow

New WDCN FaceBook Page 

The Waking Down Community Network now has its own Facebook Page !! If you like getting your news via FaceBook, here you go.

New Virtual Mutuality Group Coordinator 

The wonderful Sugandhi Barnes has stepped forward to coordinate virtual mutuality groups (via Skype or by phone bridge). Click here to learn more…

Community Survey Results

We have analyzed the results of our first-ever community-wide Waking Down survey [conducted the winter of 2013-2014] and we have posted a summary report here. The survey results offer an overview and some insights into how to best serve and support you as an individual, your local community, and the entire worldwide Waking Down community.


Open Letter to the Next Steps Team, from WDCN and CLAIM

In early March, WDCN and Communities Living and Inspiring Mutuality (CLAIM) submitted an Open Letter to the Next Steps Team: Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder, and Max Goler and Michael Grossman. The Open Letter requests that the Next Steps team consider community use of the Waking Down and Waking Down in Mutuality trademarked terms. The Open Letter also presents a vision of community responsibility, leadership and expression that includes some sort of overarching “WD Guidance Council” at which the Waking Down Teachers’ Association, Saniel and Linda, and the Community can work together to continue evolving and bringing Waking Down into the world. Click here to read the Open Letter. 

Community Responses to the 2014 GC Process

This fall the WDCN is planning to write a second Open Letter, this time addressed to the Waking Down Teachers’ Association (WDTA), in which we organize and offer the community’s response to the GC process. Our aim is to present community members’ experience, intelligence, and heartfelt and constructive feedback for consideration. Click here to learn more…