Volunteer & Service

Want to help this work flourish?

If you have a desire to contribute and and serve in some way, here are a number of new projects that we’re excited to share with you and invite your talents and enthusiasm to help bring them to life! Or, if you are thinking about becoming a Trillium Awakening (TA) mentor, here are some ways that you can earn the required volunteer hours.

Please let us know if you’d like to help out – send us an email at  admin@mutuality.net

  • The Community Newsletter or online Magazine is potentially one of the most fun and juicy things we can offer one other and the broader world. The idea is to create a web-based newsletter that can be archived for easy access, and has active links to materials and resources mentioned in the articles… like an on-line magazine. The Newsletter topics could be linked to Podcasts and Videos so that it’s a multi-media learning experience, and would be a showcase of our collective learning and awakened and awakening expression.
    • We’re thinking of having maybe 2-4 issues per year, with each issue focusing on a particular topic.
    • The newsletter articles, audio files, and related expressions could be created by anybody – practitioners, mentors, coordinators, and teachers alike.
    • The Community Newsletter could also provide a platform for the Teachers’ Circle to communicate with the broader community – for changes in mentor and teacher status, invitations to provide input for new guidelines, etc.
    • We’d love to have one or two people step forward and take the lead on this. If you are a person who likes to initiate and set things up, is fairly tech-savvy, and is good at engaging with other people, this could be a great fit for you.
    • Once the Newsletter format and momentum have been established, then it’s easier for others to jump in and help.
  • Community “Creative Expression Website”
    • This would be a central hub for creative expression, such as art, music, poetry, essays, podcasts, videos. The Creative Expression Website would connect with the Community Newsletter and other projects.
      • For example, we already have one great project that the Creative Expression Website can link up with – the Waking Down Community Podcasts site that Greg Aurand at CLAIM recently created.
      • Right now there are two shows on the podcast site: “The Community Spotlight Show” that Greg is doing, which highlights unique people and events, and
      • “The Heart Awakening Show” that Bill Miller is doing which features conversations about contemplation, practice, and creativity in this particular path of embodied awakening.
      • Greg is also planning to start another show on community development and group facilitation.
    • We’d love to encourage people to share themselves in creative ways, and allow that sharing to enrich and inform our consciously embodied culture worldwide.
    • We need a couple people to step forward and lead the Community Creative Expression website project, and if you’re into podcasts, then Greg would welcome some help there too.
  • Centralized Resources Webpage – We have had continued requests for a “one-stop shop” where individuals can easily search and find content-specific information and teachings. The vision is to create a comprehensive and organized filing system for all relevant content, and make it available that for people – e.g. videos, audio, books, essays, etc.
    • We need a volunteer or set of volunteers to gather the existing books, articles, and videos, and organize them along with a description of the content of each item.
    • We need to differentiate this resources page from all the pages on the main TrilliumAwakening.org website and the Institute of Awakened Mutuality website.
    • This webpage would be cross-linked to the creative expression website
    • If you’re detail-oriented and good at designing or organizing things, this could be a great project for you. To make it less daunting, you could sign up to help organize the layout of the main page, or, conversely, to organize one of the media forms, e.g. audio files, or books.
  • The Embodied Awakening YouTube Channel – although this is actually a sub-part of the Centralized Resources Webpage, it’s a discreet project and we’re looking for a volunteer or two to create a “YouTube Channel” and organize, update, and manage current and new video’s. We’d like to make the videos indexed and accessible so that the “ YouTube Channel” not only supports existing practitioners, but that it can be an effective way for people to discover this path!
    • We are looking for 2-3 volunteers for this project:
    • If you’re good at organizing, and see the value of having our  videos cataloged and easily accessible, this might be a great volunteer project for you. And, if you like the organizing part, but not the managing part, you could hand it over to another volunteer once you’ve set everything up!
    • Along with organizing the  videos into a YouTube channel, we’ll likely need a volunteer to help edit raw video into final form.
  • Newcomer Concierge – People who are new to the Trillium Path and the Waking Down teachings, and especially those who find us through a website, may be unsure how best to engage the work. We’re imagining having two to three rotating volunteers to act as a kind of ‘concierge’ who would help newcomers understand what’s available to them, answer their initial questions, and direct them to resources, mentors, and teachers. The Concierge would be linked to the main Trillium Awakening website. If you love helping people feel welcome and want to share our bounty with newcomers, this would be a fun way to serve.
    • We are looking for 2-5 volunteers for this project to rotate the task
  • Translation – As a way of spreading the work out into the world and reaching a wider audience, we would love to see the core dharma materials translated into other languages. If anybody has that skill and interest, please let us know!
  • Transcription – another great service would be transcribing audio or video materials into written form. We’d love some volunteers for that, let us know if that’s something you’d like to do. Even just transcribing one audio recording is really valuable, so this is a very small, easy, and concrete way to contribute, at your own pace!